Visiting An Elephant Sanctuary

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PageLines-WonderoftheWild2.jpgAfrica is home to the world’s largest living land animal, the African elephant. Despite their size, these magnificent animals are under constant threat from poachers who harvest their ivory for illegal trade.  But there is hope. Many elephant sanctuaries and rehabilitation centres have come to the aide of these endangered animals. The Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa is one such organisation that cares for elephants.

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The Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary cares for African elephants and offers interactive elephant experiences. The elephants here have been domesticated through positive reinforcement animal management principles. Thus allowing visitors to get up close to these loving creatures in a safe environment.


Things To Do At The Elephant Sanctuary

There are a wide range of activities to do on an elephant sanctuary tour. Elephants are highly intelligent animals and they have memories that surpass the memory of humans. It is often said that an elephant never forgets, but neither will you on this unforgettable experience. The elephant sanctuary tour offers in depth information and hands-on learning opportunities. Guided tours include touching, feeding, interacting and walking trunk-in-hand with the elephants. For the more adventurous visitor, you have the option to go elephant back riding.


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eAfrica Safari Tours offers a Elephant Sanctuary day tour that will allow you to get up close to these gentle giants.  Contact us now and one of our consultants will assist you in planning your next safari adventure.

Here’s a fun little clip of a group of elephants having a blast in the mud.

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