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If you’ve been trying to decide the best African safari tours to go on, you’ll want to know which safari animals you can find in which region.

If you want to see lion in its natural habitat, you won’t be disappointed with an African safari wildlife park. You’re more likely to catch them having a nap than pursuing dinner, since lions rest for about 20 hours a day. While lion populations are on the decline, you will see them in the major parks, including the Kruger National Park.

An African elephant is the largest land mammal on the planet and your first viewing is bound to leave you in awe. Elephants typically live in deserts, forests, savanna, and woodlands and are currently spread across 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

With their blue tongues and the little knobs on their heads, giraffe are fun safari animals to spot. Their necks contain blood and vessels that stop them blacking out when they take a drink. Thanks to their height, they’re easy to see on safari no matter which region of Africa you’re visiting.

With better numbers than the African rhino, the African leopard is part of the Big 5 and difficult to spot when on safari. Leopards use trees as their observation points and for protection, so remember to look up if you want to spot these solitary, majestic cats. Leopards are nocturnal creatures.

Black rhino have suffered drastic reduction in the last 2 decades and are hard to come by on safari. The white rhino, though, is more numerous and heavily concentrated within Southern Africa. An adult white rhino can weigh in excess of 6,000 lbs.

These rare cats are known for their speed. They prefer wide open spaces but aren’t easy to spot on safari with only 12,000 remaining in the wild. You’re more likely to see these safari animals in southwestern and eastern Africa.

Mountain Gorilla
If you want to see mountain Gorilla, you’re going to have to take a special safari to a tiny part of East Africa. There are only about 720 of these safari animals left on earth.

You’ll find hippos in the rivers and lakes of sub-Saharan Africa. Zambia’s Luangwa River is one of the best places to spot these safari animals where pods have been known to number over 100 members in the drier seasons.

Nile Crocodile
Found in just about every major river on the African continent, crocs are easy animals to find on luxury African safari tours. You’ll likely find them sunning themselves on the river banks, mouths wide open.

Most common in Southern and Eastern Africa, Zebra tend to be confined to national reserves and parks. Zebra are known to be grazers and can be found coming together in massive migratory herds. No two zebra have the exact same stripes, so they’re as unique as your finger prints.

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