Five Child-Friendly Safari Activities

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An African safari can be a memorable treat to share with your children. As parents you are naturally always concerned that your children’s need will be taken care of. There are safari lodges that are not child-friendly but there are many that will accept and accommodate your little ones.

These Family Friendly Luxury Safari Lodges understand the importance of Family. They provide a range of activities and facilities to ensure that both parents and children have the best African safari experience they could possibly have.

Many safari lodges offer opportunities for children to interact with real live animals as well as safari related educational activities. Parents also need not worry about leaving their children unattended. Family friendly safari lodges have babysitters on call.


Wildlife Interactions

1. Child friendly Game Drives

Safari lodges offer game drives specifically suited for children of all ages. The child friendly game drives usually take place in the morning and early in the afternoon. The animals seen on the game drives are introduced in a fun manner that is easy for the children to understand. Some safari lodges may have an enclosed vehicle for children’s game drive.

2. Identifying Bugs

The best place to find bugs are in the wild. The children are taught about the many creepy crawlies that can be found in the garden and in the great outdoors. The educational presentation allows the kids to have close encounters with a wide variety of insects, spiders and other tiny creatures.


There are more active and adventurous activities for the older children to enjoy. These can range from walking, horse riding to even canoeing.

Arts and Crafts

Apart from the wild life activities there are also a number of safari inspired arts and crafts activities available for the younger children to enjoy.

3. Painting

Painting is always a fun exercise for the children. Here they get to have a little creative freedom and allow their minds to wonder. The activity varies at different game lodges. Some even offer t-shirt painting. A lovely souvenir for the little ones to take home.

4. Making photo frames

Safari holidays are all about making memories and capturing special moments. During your stay you will be sure to take lots of photographs. In this activity the children get to make their own photo frame to show off their pictures.

5. African Masks

Africa is home to many indigenous tribes and cultures. A prominent fixture in the history of the continent has always been the African masks. The children will learn about the history and the significance of the African masks and get an opportunity to make their very own mask that they can take home to show their friends and family.


These are just a few of the many activities offered at Safari lodges across Southern Africa to keep children occupied and entertained. Speak to the friendly eAfrica Safari Tours Sales Consultants about the Children’s activities offered at the various lodges. Make your safari holiday memorable for the whole family.