Chobe National Park Savute Moremi Okavango Delta

Botswana is a premium Safari destination in Africa that offers the best wildlife viewing on the planet. With gems such as the Chobe National Park, the Moremi Reserve, Savute and the Okavango Delta you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.


The Moremi Reserve lies on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta. The untamed landscape of the Game Reserve allows your imagination to wild. With the immense variety of wildlife, including the Big Five, such as: big cats, hippo, rhino, antelope, giraffe and buffalo. The Moremi Game Reserve is well known for being the predator capital of the world and is also the only place where the Big Five can be seen all in one place. Experience afternoon and morning game drive, with both being equally impressive and exciting.


One of the most interesting places to visit is the Okavango Delta. It has been described as “Africa at its wildest” because of the many wildlife species found here such as: the lechwe and reed bucks, a variety of birds and elephants to name but a few. In order to get up close and personal to the wildlife, take a mokoro, which is a locally made dugout canoe, which enables for easy access through the Delta’s many channels. Here, you will get to see many animals within their natural habitat and will certainly be your highlight as you move through these channels.


To visit the Chobe National Park would mean to spend a day in nature, which would be totally unforgettable. Botswana is a country known for its incredible variety of wildlife and in a country that protects its wildlife, these animals can roam freely without having to worry about any poachers. The Chobe National Park has of the highest concentration of elephants in Africa and offers all the benefits of getting to see these animals in their natural habitat. It is undoubtedly the most interesting and surreal thing to see here. You can experience these elephants bathing, mothers bathing and splashing there pupps, in large groups in The Chobe River. It is then that you will realize how gentle these giants really are.


You are just an airstrip away from a place that has been recognized as a prime game viewing area and offers safari game drives at its best. Game drives are conducted in an open-air 4×4 safari vehicle within the area. These game drives not only include a visit to the Savute Marsh, which has something of a mystical renown as it can dry up or flood regardless of local rains, and a view of the historic presence of the Savute Channel, which once fed the now, more or less, dry Savute Marsh, but, also offers a look at the largest population of elephants. You can see some big cats too, and if you’re lucky and depending on the season, you may also get to experience the great migrations of zebra and antelope.

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