What to Expect From an African Safari Wildlife Park

Any African safari wildlife park is not only beautiful but also home to a bewildering variety of wild animals. You’ll get to see zebras migrating and lions stalk their pray, or track gorillas through a rainforest.

Whichever part of Africa you visit, an African safari wildlife park is going to be the highlight of your trip. The unpredictable nature of the larger animals and the vast distances mean you’re going to need a vehicle, usually a 4WD and a knowledgeable guide. Here’s what else you can expect.

Length and Conditions
Most game drives take up to 4 hours in the hot African sun with loads of bouncing and bumping around. Be sure to take sunblock and a good hat. The conditions are boiling in summer and dusty during the dry winter months. Winter game drives can be near freezing in Southern Africa.

Comfort Breaks
If you need relief in the bush, you’ll be using the nearest bush. It’s a good idea to carry tissues and a small bag with you but remember not to leave anything lying in the bush. Guides tend to stop for regular comfort breaks but if you need relief at any other time, simply let your guide know and they will find a suitable and private location for you.

Resting During the Heat
Many an African safari wildlife park will coordinate their activities so that guests spend the hottest time of day in the camp. This is the perfect time for a nap if you’ve been up since before the crack of dawn.

What You’ll Need to Bring
You really don’t need to bring much with you. Since you will be flying in small planes between the vast camps, you need to limit the weight of your luggage, anyway. Aim for the heaviest item to be your camera. Most campsites and lodges will offer same-day laundry services so you can get by with two or three outfits. Remember to bring along a wide-brimmed hat, scarf, and layers of clothing that you can peel off or put on during the day.

Getting Up Close with the Animals
Of course, you’re hopefully going to see all sorts of animals at an African safari wildlife park. Sometimes you will find yourself just feet away from zebras, elephants, hippos, lions and a host of other game. Never leave the safari vehicle to try and get closer and definitely don’t taunt or try to touch the animals. Refrain from throwing food towards the animals, too.

What NOT To Do If You’re In Your Own Vehicle
If you are driving a hire car through the African safari wildlife park, do not:
• Hang out of the windows
• Open the doors
• Feed animals from your hands
• Bring outside food into the park

Booking Your South African Safari Tours
Most of the safari camps and lodges tend to fill up a year in advance, so the sooner you plan and book your trip, the better.

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