A Step by Step Guide To Planning Your Next Holiday

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Planning a holiday can be a frustrating and confusing process. There are so many travel destination options and not to mention all the items on our bucket lists that we’re itching to cross off. The frequent traveler may have it down to a science. But the rest of us who are new to the travel experience can do with a nod in the right direction.

We have broken down the process into  easy  to follow steps that will get you on your way to a perfect holiday sooner rather than later. If you have a list of travel destinations that you would like to visit, now is the time to pull it out.


Step 1 : Decide What Kind Of Holiday You Want

What kind of holiday are you looking for? This is an important  question to ask yourself. The rest of the planning depends on the answer to this question.  Are you looking for a relaxing trip that will allow you to finally catch up on your reading or are you looking for a holiday adventure? Spend time thinking about the purpose of this holiday. Once you know what you want out of this trip have a look at the list of the travel destinations and create a short list of the places that are most relevant to the type of holiday you chose.

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Step 2: Decide What You Would Like To Do

Where you decide to go is influenced by the activities you want to do. For example, if you’re really interested in doing a wildlife safari, you’d realistically travel to South Africa. Make a list of all the activities you would like to participate in while on this trip. Include any sites you’d like to see and the type cuisine you’d like to eat. We encourage you to be more specific when compiling this list.


Step 3: Decide Where You Would Like To Go

Let’s keep going, you are getting closer to your dream holiday. At this point you should have your shortlist of potential destinations and your to-do list of activities. Do some research on those places and the attractions that they have to offer. By a process of elimination cross reference your to do list with the various places on your destination shortlist. This might be a tough process as you destination list starts getting shorter. Once you are happy with the research you’ve done and you feel that you are ready to make the final decision on a destination, go ahead.


Step 4: Decide How You Will Be Traveling

You are well on your way to your next holiday. But to get there you need to decide how you will be traveling. If your destination is close enough, will you be driving, taking a bus or the train? If you are traveling to another country or continent then you will most likely need to take a flight. Find the best way to travel to your destination, and remember getting there is already half the fun. This is one of the easier choices you will make in the planning process.

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Step 5: Decide When You Would Like To Go

Now that you know where you are going and how you’d like to get there it is time to put a date to it. Seasons play a big role in tourism. Traveling during peak season means that you most likely be charged inflated rates. However, traveling during off-peak season has it’s downside too. You ideally want to avoid traveling during rainy seasons because this can put a damper on the activities that you want to do. Use the general weather patterns history of the region you’re visiting to help you decide on the perfect time to go.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed the planning process for your next holiday. Can you feel the excitement building up? Now as you start preparing for your holiday download our free 50 point packing checklist. This essential guide will help you pack everything you may need for your trip. Last step of the process is to just have fun.


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